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"The ant told me that the frog is bad."

"The frog told me that the cat is bad."

"The cat told me, no, the rabbit is the worst of them all."

"So I…"

Welcome to the Alice Mare WikiEdit

This is the unofficial wiki for Alice Mare; an unofficial fan-made wiki for the game created by △○□× (Miwashiba). The purpose of the wiki is to not only provide information of the characters, but also to include the game in general-including the full walkthrough of the game, and details for every ending. Please help this wiki grow by adding pages and editing informations of the game.

What is 'Alice Mare'?Edit

Alice Mare is a free horror-based RPG created with WOLF RPG Editor by Miwashiba and translated into english by vgperson (vgboy) and into german by Kitadashi. You play as Allen, a boy who lost his memory in an accident. Since both of his parents were gone, he goes to a certain facility. There, he meets Teacher, the guardian to the kids living there, along with Letty, Rick, Chelsy, Joshua, and Stella. On his first night there, he tries to investigate a strange rumor he'd heard, but the Teacher stops him. However, when he fell asleep that night, he awakes in a surreal dream, only to find the truth of every one - and everything. 

Latest activityEdit

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